Essential Server Management

This is the perfect option for those looking for setup assistance, but would like to handle the bulk of server management themselves.

Empowered Server Management

We'll manage migrations, backups and proactively monitor your server 24x7 to ensure every aspect of your server is regularly running smoothly.

Prepare for the Future Plan

Plan Name Virtual Cores RAM SSD Storage Traffic Monthly Location
ACL24 2 Core 4 GB 40 GB 20 TB 1550 Germany Get Now
ACL28 2 Core 8 GB 80 GB 20 TB 2600 Germany Get Now
ACL416 4 Core 16 GB 160 GB 20 TB 5200 Germany Get Now
ACL832 8 Core 32 GB 240 GB 20 TB 6900 Germany Get Now
Plan Name Virtual Cores RAM SSD Storage Traffic Monthly Location
ACL22 2 Core 2 GB 40 GB 20 TB 1200 Germany Get Now
ACL34 3 Core 4 GB 80 GB 20 TB 2000 Germany Get Now
ACL48 4 Core 8 GB 160 GB 20 TB 3200 Germany Get Now
ACL816 8 Core 16 GB 240 GB 20 TB 6000 Germany Get Now
ACL632 16 Core 32 GB 360 GB 20 TB 9400 Germany Get Now

Advantages of Public Cloud

Private Cloud servers are utilized by a single client and are custom designed for the application that the cloud will be used for.

Secured Data

All data is stored on high-availability SAN Storage Servers equipped with fast SSD drives to ensure low-latency access and constant availability.

Easily Scalable

Scale your server computing resources on the fly. A single mouse click adds additional CPU, memory and hard drive space to your Cloud Container.

Developer API

Infrastructure control is fast and intuitive with hosting thugs cloud web interface, and infrastructure-as-code control is provided by OpenStack’s flexible and comprehensive API.

Custom Configurations

Not finding a package that fits your requirements? Contact us today for a custom built public cloud solution.

100% Uptime SLA

Full server, storage, and backup redundancy with automatic failover lets us confidently guarantee 100% availability

Price Match

Our sales team is happy to review your requirements and design the perfect cloud package for your budget.

Our Clients